Sanctuary Homes

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Sanctuary Homes helps conscientious homeowners achieve their dream renovation, addition, remodel or new home project. The client was even conscientious when it came to the business website. He was involved in all aspects of the selection of photos and look of the web design. Check out his galleries to see his excellent work on home additions.

Augmentative Communication Solutions



Amy Dougherty, M.S., CCC-SLP, is an Augmentative Communication (AAC) Specialist and the owner of Augmentative Communication Consulting, LLC. Amy provides AAC evaluation, intervention and training services for children and adults with severe communication difficulties within the Jersey Shore Area and Central New Jersey.

Steve Calafati



Steve Calafati changes any current preconception about what the guitar is expected to do by combining his formidable artistry and compositional skills, with a moody, gorgeously realized return to its homeland...Spain.  In 1997, Steve began his study of flamenco with Master guitarist Enrique Vargas to improve his nylon string technique. Calafati happens to be a tremendously gifted composer whose sense of balance and taste far outshines the narrow confines of the "instrumentalist/guitarist" genre. His new release, Mediterra, is the result.